Anitta – Kisses (ZIP)

Fans awaiting new song from Album the Brasillia singer Larissa de Macedo Machado popolularly known as Anitta titled Kisses (ZIP)
She is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and businesswoman.

However, She is managed internationally by John Shahidi of Shots Studios.

And also began singing at age 8 in a choir from a Catholic church in the Honório Gurgel neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

But It is a trilingual visual album, with songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and music videos for each track.

On Instragram, she talked about the project with her fans, read what she said below:

“As I announced here, on April 5 I will release my first trilingual audio visual album.

There are 10 songs with a music video for each.

Each represents a different type of Anitta that exists within me.

The reference to the name Kisses highlights that there exist thousands of different types of kisses, but even so, it remains a kiss.

During the next few days I will reveal to you the name of each song and the characteristic of each Anitta she represents.

Through the eyes of the master [Giovanni Bianco]”

Anitta – Kisses (ZIP)



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